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18 February 2012 @ 03:22 am
026. Tenipuri meme  

As I said, I converted the Jrock meme into a Tenipuri one °^°
This was a super tough one. Took me about 3h to re-write and answer lol. Now I'll head to bed, good night >o<

Anyone up for this?
I'd totally love to see your answers!!

001) How did you discover Tenipuri?
A former co-worker of mine read the manga and so I tried the Anime because I was too lazy to read. Well, watched all 178 eps in a row when I was on holiday. It was epic and I got super hyper thanks to it lol

002) When did you discover Tenipuri?

003) So how long have you been a fan then?
5 years I guess

004) Are you a fan of Tenimyu?
Well, it depends on the Myu. I loved the Rikkai matches with Baba, masa, kane and so on (I have no clue which Myu it is, though)

005) Are you a fan of Shinpuri?
Oh yes, the epicness continues!

006) Are you a fan of fanservice?
............ nyahahaha OF COURSE! Who isn't?!


007) First School you liked?

008) First Character you liked?

009) First Tenipuri crush?
Choutarou °^°

010) First Character to scare you?
Inui with his juice

011) First Character you mistook for a woman?
Well, if you're talking about the bitch-level... definitely Atobe

012) First yaoi pairing you saw?

013) First yaoi pairing you became a fan of?
InuKai and D1, pretty much at the same time

014) First Character song?
uh, I think Akaya's Akaku someru Tsuki

015) First Seigaku song?
Um, Eiji's Takaramono

016) First Hyoutei song?
Atobe's Valentine Kiss

017) First Rikkai song?
Akaya's Akaku Someru Tsuki

018) First Higa song?
Hirakoba's and Chinen's Rakuen e

019) First Rokkaku song?
Bane's and Dabide's Joy to the world

020) First Shitenhouji song?
Shiraishi's Bible

021) First Yamabuki song?
Sengoku's Trial of Luck

022) First Fudomine song?
Shinji's Can see the Light

023) First Rikkai young Kan song?
Owaranai Ai

024) First Ao to bin to can song?

025) First Pull-Tab to can song?
Wonderful days

026) First Myu song?
I have no clue °^°

027) First intro song you liked?
Hisoka's Make you Free

028) First ending song you liked?
I don't really like any of them very much haha.


029) Favorite School?
Rikkai, Hyoutei, Higa, Shitenhouji, Rokkaku

030) Favorite Character(s)?
Oh, so many.....
Rikkai - All
Hyoutei - Atobe, Jiroh, Shishido, Choutarou, Yuushi, Kabaji and Piyo, of course!
Higa - Kai and Hirakoba
Shitenhouji - Zaizen, Kenya, Shiraishi, Gin, Koharu and Yuushi, the vice-captain whose name nobody can remember and who has way too less screen time
Rokkaku - Davide, Bane, Kentarou

031) Favorite Character physically (eye-candy)?
Niou, Yagyuu, Sanada, Atobe, Jiroh, Choutarou, Kenya, Zaizen and Davide and Bane... and Rin and Kai u.u

032) Favorite Seiyuu?
Oh god, so many. I actually really like Sanad's seiyuu because of his "Mannatsu no Mayonaise" thing. Also, Sunichi Suwabe grew dear to be because he's in every Anime I watch and so... well, I kinda got scared of him, but his skills are amazing.
I also really like Marui's seiyuu, when I first listened to Marui's character song, i was astonished. Also, Yuushi's seiyuu. Smexy smexy voice xD
AND OF COURSE!!! Massun and Tsuda Eisuke!!

033) Favorite Myu?
I don't know which it was °^° Rikkai First serve, maybe? No clue.

034) Favorite Seiyuu (when it comes to vocal talents like image songs)?
Suwabe Junichi
Tsuda Eisuke
Marui's seiyuu (I don't know his name and am too lazy to look it up~)

035) Favorite Character quote?
"Ahhh~ EKUSUTASHIE!" - Shiraishi *coughs*
"Ikkyu nyuu kon" - Choutarou
"Chou-dasa daze" (Because Choutarou's name is in it lol) - Shishido
"Pffssh~" - Kaidou
"DOOON!" - Momo

036) Favourite School uniform?
Rikkai (there's a red one I like pretty much)
Shitenhouji manga version
Hyoutei manga version

037) Favorite bitch?

038) Favorite song?
Niou - P-Kimochi
Yagyuu - Laser Beam
Akaya - Akaku someru Tsuki
Rikkai Young Kan - Soul Mate
Pull-Tab to Kan - Wonderful days
Ikemen Smurai - Dear Prince
Shitenhouji - Naniwa no Soran Bushi
Shiraishi - Get started
(I have no clue what they're called) - 1,2,3,4,5 Ready go!
Jiroh - Against Wind
Atobe - Dream Maker
I could continue on and on. No end. I see no end x_x

039) Favorite Anime scene?
Well, movie included it would probably be Tezuka's dino extinguishing. However, there are other ones, too. I love Rin's Ohabu scene and also Kaidou's muscle training scenes. The scene where Inui asked Kaidou for doubles was ♥ too. Also Echizen's match with Atobe was great as well as Momo's sense play against Yuushi. But I guess nothing can top the Sanada Tezuka game in the finals because it was so damn awesome! (Mayber the alpha match in shinpuri COULD HAVE been better but... yeah.)

040) Favorite Manga scene?
There are way too many Q~Q As for Shinpuri ones, I guess it's where the Revolution middle schoolers come back with their super awesome black jerseys. And Ryoga's appearance when he protects Ryoma.

041) Favorite clip (behind the scenes, candid, etc)?
Oh, faithlucifel, you know which *giggles*
For everyone else, it's OF COURSE the Rikkai backstage where Masa and Baba do epic crack.

(042) Favorite Pairing?
D1, Tango and InuKai, but Silver is also very good. I also like Jiroh/Atobe and Renji/Akaya, Jackal/Marui is pretty fun, too! There are too many to list °^°

______This Or That?______

045) Skirt or pants?

044) Tezuka or Fuji?

045) Oishi or Eiji?

046) Momo or Kaidou?
Can't choose. Both are epic

047) Atobe or Hiyoshi?
Sorry Piyo, i really love you, but I choose Atobe Q~Q

048) Sanada or Yukimura?

049) Niou or Yagyuu?
Hardest question in my entire life.

050) Bane or Davide?

051) Yuushi or Gakuto?

052) Marui or Jackal?
Can't choose between cake-gummy and FAIIIYAA!

053) Shinji or Akira?
Both are quite nervewrecking but have their good points too. Shinji.

054) ShiraishiKenya or KenyaShiraishi?

055) KiteHirakoba or ChinenHirakoba?
Mhhh.... I guess KiteHirakoba.

______Which Character Is Most...______

056) Adorable?

057) Annoying?

058) Attractive?
Whoa. Hard..... Niou and Sanada, I guess? And Yagyuu and Atobe too. And Hiyoshi, and Choutarou and Hirakoba and Tetsu and...

059) Bishi?
........... ehh... Atobe is the queen, so I guess it's him?

060) Childish?

061) Cute?
Kaidou because he's so damn cute when he blushes. Okay, Shishido catches up with that!

062) Disturbing?
Ryoma °^°

063) Dorky?
Koharu and Yuushi (because they always come as a set)

064) Edible?.
oh, pretty much all.

065) Feminine?

066) Frightening?
I'll go with Niou and Sanada's bitchslap.

067) Gay?
Koharu. But that's pretty funny, actually.

068) Masculine?
Sanada is the super seme of this series. However, Gin is pretty masculine as well.

069) Otaku?
Koharu and Yuushi

070) Reserved?

071) Sex-able?

072) Talented?
Can't say that. Everyone is.

______First Character That Comes To Mind______

073) Abs:

074) Alcohol:
Inui (he surely mixes some into his juice)

075) Alien :

076) Ass:

077) Bondage:

078) Chicken:
Momo O.o

079) Dictator:

080) Engrish:

081) Food:

082) Goth:

083) Hentai:

084) Hump:

085) Kimono:

086) Kinky:
Renji, because his "data is perfect" (If you know what i mean.)

087) Leather:

089) Moon:

090) Piercing:

091) Platforms:

092) Sex:

093) Smoking:

094) Vanilla:
Atobe .___.

095) Blue:

______Place A Character______

096) America:

097) England:

098) France:

099) Hawaii:

100) Hospital:

101) Japan:

102) Los Angeles:
Akaya, since it's still America

103) Mars:

104) McDonald's:

105) Merry-go-Round:
Hiyoshi, I'd love to see his face.

106) Movie Theater:

107) Okinawa:
Whole Higa lol

108) Pet Store:

109) Pharmacy:

110) Supermarket:
Kuki Kiichi

111) Sushi Bar:
Kawamura (no, really....)

112) The North Pole:
Ryoga, because he can fly back to japan (as we've seen in Futari no Samurai, he actually can fly)

______Who's Most Likely...______

113) To get the stuffing beat out of them?

114) To get kidnapped?
Choutarou by Shishido

115) To have kids?

116) To eat kids?

117) Actually a woman?

118) An evil spy?

119) A government agent?

120) An alien?

121) American?

122) To rule Japan?

123) To rule the world?

124) To go bald?
Jackal - haaaa haaaa

125) To get braces?
Nobody, because as usual in Japan, everyone's teeth are straight as hell.

126) To go into retirement first?
I still wonder why Sanada didn't retire right away when Yukimura fell ill. He seems to have so much stress because of his frowning lol

______What Would You Do If...______

127) Tezuka quit playing tennis?
The world would still rotate. I think.

128) Kintarou got braces?
Well, whatever o.o

129) Chitose went bald?
Too bad but a man hits that age.

130) Sengoku bleached his hair white?

131) Eiji became Japan's next Prime Minister?
Uwah, candy and strawberry toothpaste would be a must!

132) Sanada appeared in your room?
ehehehe.... Well, besides the fact that I'd be arrested right away because he's still UNDERAGE I'd chain him to my bed.

133) Akira stopped his rythm?
The world would stop. Definitely

134) Jiroh sat on you?
Oh well, he can also sleep on me >.>

135) Yuuta bit you?
...... no, NO comment!

136) Akutsu glomped you?
Hell broke loose.

137) Mizuki mooned you?
Well~...... No clue.

138) Jackal poked you?
Poke revenge is guaranteed

139) Inui offered you a joint?
Oh hell no go. I don't like joints and WHO knows WHAT Inui put into that thing!

140) Kawamura could kick Jet Li's ass?
Well, if he had his raquet....

141) They made an Anime about Yuushi's lovedaily life?
That would probably be very bad for humanity. And sanity.

142) Saeki became your new classmate/co-worker?
would be nice ♥

143) Tetsu poked you in the eye?
I'd totally forgive hiom because he's so cute Q~Q

144) Hiyoshi gave you a lapdance?
I'll go die now.

145) Horio was your roommate?
Oh god. I'd die or hit the wall with his face. Period.

146) Kite wanted to take a stroll through your neighborhood?
well, why not?

147) Akaya started speaking Spanish?
Sure... Akaya... lol

148) Kenya decided to wear a mohawk?
if he likes it~

149) Tachibana did parapara?
I.... don't think I want to see that.

150) Hirakoba cut his hair?

151) Atobe left his haremHyoutei?
Hyoutei without Atobe isn't Hyoutei!

152) Choutarou assassinated the Emperor of Japan?
Choutarou, you've played Doubles with Eiji, you can't kill him Q~Q

153) Shishido popped out of your closet?
............. *mind drifts off*

154) Oishi picked his nose during a game?
Eiji would probably scold him


187) Song that you first heard?
Still Akaku Someru Tsuki

188) Song that best captures Tenipuri?
Mannatsu no Meganes Mayonaise

189) Song best performed live?
Laser Beam

190) Song that turns you on?
Kai's Valentine's Kiss lol

191) Sappiest?
ShishiChou's Brand new days

192) Happiest?
Atobe's Cool Night

193) Saddest?
Yuushi's Hide and Seek

194) Best for head-banging?
Akaku Someru Tsuki

195) Best for dancing?
Every Valentine's Kiss version lol

196) Best for driving?
1,2,3,4,5 Ready Go!

197) Best for summer?
Shiraishi's Get Started

198) Best for winter?
Shinji's Eve

199) Best for Halloween?
Trick, Fake or Truth

200) Best for Christmas?
Atobe's Oblivion...

201) Best party song?
Chinen's Michi Shirube

202) Makes you hungry?
Marui's Taisetsuna Hito e

203) Makes you sleepy?
Yagyuu's Rookie

204) Makes you angry?

205) Makes you hyper?
Naniwa no Soran Bushi

206) Makes you think of snow?
Atobe's October

207) Makes you think of flowers?
Gigs' Flower

208) Makes you think of vampires?

209) Makes you think of the moon?
Niou no Christmas

210) Makes you think of water?

211) Makes you think of rain?
Shishido's Rain

212) Song you'd like played at your wedding?

213) Song you'd like played at your funeral?
Chinen's and Hirakoba's Rakuen e

214) Song that would go best in a movie?
depends on the movie

215) Song that would go best in an anime?
......... lol

216) Song that would go best in a video game?
uh. many.

217) Best Seigaku song?
Seigaku anthem

218) Best Rikkai song?
Rikkai Young Kan - Sould mate (along with hundrets of other songs)

219) Best guitar solo?
whoa. no clue.

220) Best bass line?
tough one.

221) Best acoustic guitar work?
Can't think of an acoustic guitar song right now

222) Best piano work?
Shishido's Friendship

223) Best drum work?

224) Best vocals?
Also very tough one. No clue.

225) Best written?
So many.
So many are so cute Q~Q

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Destiny ♪: Hetalia ▪ The police is here!yuidirnt on February 18th, 2012 11:59 am (UTC)
Totally gonna attempt this meme when I'm in the mood! There's so many questions LOL it's gonna take forever.

ALSO I LOVE YOUR ICON I used to have all of those saved but I lost them in a hard disk crash ;A; do you have all of them, by any chance?
hakuchin: Bleach - Zangetsuhakuchin on February 18th, 2012 12:41 pm (UTC)
Believe me, it really does take forever XD But it's pretty fun haha

I don't have all but a few. I can remember seeing all Hyoutei up on Photobucket, but the others were lost, sadly D: I only have a few but I can look for the others too when I have time ^^
misamifaithlucifel on February 18th, 2012 10:11 pm (UTC)
Loooong :o

Shitenhouji's vice-captain is the only Shitenhouji member that doesn't in Tenimyu lol. I think he disappeared in ShinPuri too? I've always thought Chitose was the vice-captain orz.

Did you watch The Progressive Match - Higa ft. Rikkai too? Higa guys are amazing. I'm definitively in love with Kite.

Ootori/Shishido in The Imperial Match and Dream Live 3rd are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Date Kouji and Kamakari Kenta...
hakuchin: Bleach - Grimmjow Fisthakuchin on February 18th, 2012 10:51 pm (UTC)
Yes, very long, but also very funny xD

OH NOES! He doesn't even get a Myu spot!! Poor guy xD
Yeah, he isn't in Shinpuri until now. But no, Chitose isn't vice-captain XD I first thought so too, but aparently it's Koishikawa Kenjirou XD

I really have no clue which I've watched XD I think I didn't, because I can't remember any Higa cast (okay, the only cast in my mind is the Rikkai anyway lol)
I want to see that Kite :o

Ah, stop it! I'll start flailing!!!!
misamifaithlucifel on February 18th, 2012 11:27 pm (UTC)
But you watched Dream Live 5th right? In which Masa and Baba performed the fucking awesome new dance of Petenshi da? Nan todemo ie. Higa made an appearance there too. I'm mesmerized by the way Kite swings his hips in Dark Horse. A ridiculous hair cut, a tight uniform in a very gay colour... despite all that, Kite is still very charismatic *__*

The first Oshitari is Saito Takumi, who made a very, very sexy Yuushi /flail. And Jirou <333
hakuchin: Tenimyu - Jyutta hairstylehakuchin on February 19th, 2012 12:09 am (UTC)
YES I DID AND YES I FLAILED AND YES my nosebleed was unstoppable lol
Also, the beginning of the dance is so mega, mega gay XD

Oh now that's something nice to see! Way to go, Kite! /(I can't stand the Hirakoba, he looks so not... like Hirakoba Q~Q)
Oh welöl, I think his haircut and his "uniform" (or at least the tiny bit fabric on his skin) make him charismatic, too. Without it, he would be even more carismatic though |D

Ah really, it was Takumi? :o geez, I should really really get into Idolthingys again~
misamifaithlucifel on February 19th, 2012 01:54 pm (UTC)
Isn't it the most awesome thing ever~~

Yeah, Hirakoba's actor's face is really... not Hirakoba, but I like his acting. I guess we can't have both face and talent ;_;
hakuchin: tenipuri - Kite greetingzhakuchin on February 19th, 2012 02:21 pm (UTC)
It is~~~ Q~Q

Yeah, he's cool, but I just can't look at him when he smiles because of his teeth xD It destroys all my Hirakoba fantasies XD
Sadly, yes, but HEY WE GOT KITE'S HIPS!!
misamifaithlucifel on February 19th, 2012 09:48 pm (UTC)
YES KITE'S HIPS. And Chinen was pretty cool and not as creepy as in the manga.
hakuchin: AoEx - RinBon Pockyhakuchin on February 19th, 2012 09:59 pm (UTC)
ahahaha that's right.
Although I have to say that I somehow like him. his Seiyuu is so cute XD